API for Public & Private files over a CDN

Save development time and start uploading files in 5 minutes

Deliver protected files over a CDN

Optimized images

The uploaded images are automatically optimized, an array of images will be automatically created with different sizes.
By using the BucketWS utils you can resize the target page and the image will automatically pick the right size

Use a custom domain

You can use a custom domain to deliver all your assets, this can improve your SEO score and increase visitor confidence.

Automatic unzip functionality

Automatically get the content of your zip files available on the CDN, this is a very convenient way to let your users upload multiple files.
Check our use case for OatBlog, oatblog is using the BucketWS functionality to let users upload a site or SPA and access the files as a website.

The easiest way to upload files

API, Webhook & helpers

Review how this service and code utilities can help you to work with files and deliver a better UX to your visitors, check our examples and API documentation.

Heroku integration

If you are using Heroku you can start using our addon in less than 5 minutes, checkout the next video to review all the lifecycle of the addon for the upload functionality

Always get the optimal image size on any device

Automatically show the right image based on the element size


Use cases

Private files for subscriptions

You can create a private bucket with a set bundle pack of files that only your subscriptions can download.
All the authorization is done with the API, you can have complete control over who have access to a certain bucket.

Create a bucket per product

BucketWS is perfect for an e-commerce site, you can create a bucket per product and have a gallery of optimized images for your products.

Files for your users

Create one or multiple buckets for each or your user accounts, you can use the buckets to add their profile picture or any other files that they need to upload.

Document approval

Create a bucket and share the content only with the authorized users, add and remove access with the API

Create an account and try the API in 5 minutes

Check out the demo repository, you can start trying the functionality in minutes


  • Public & Private files
  • 7 days trial
  • API access
  • No credit card
  • Try from localhost
Most popular!
  • Public & Private files
  • Custom domain
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • SSL and CDN
  • 50 GB storage
  • Priority support
$49 /Monthly
Starting from...
  • Public & Private files
  • Subdomain
  • Limited bandwidth
  • SSL and CDN
  • +5 GB storage
$5 /Montly

Prices are in USD currency. Early bird discount apply. Trial files are deleted every 7 days.